The Golden Gate

This big ole orange girl.  Not only can you drive over her but you can either walk, ride a bike or even take a boat under her.  Each mode is going to be a great experience.

We hired a bicycle from Blazing Saddles and headed off on the ride over the bridge.  Whist most of the first part of the ride is fairly flat to ride as you get closer to the bridge it becomes rather steep.  Once you make it up to the the beginning of the bridge the real fun begins.  Make sure the bell on your bike is working because although the path has a designated bike lane although with many people walking and in awe of the bridge it is easy for them to wander into the path.  Once you make it across the bridge there is an opportunity to take an amazing photo with the bridge in the background.

The next part of the journey is all downhill from there and I mean all down hill. Downhill into a gorgeous little town of Sausalito.  I am not a very good bike rider but I did manage to make it down safely although not as fast as Steve who is a very good rider and flew down the hills.

Sausalito is definitely one of my favorite places in San Fran, well Marin County to be precise.  The street is lined with lots of interesting shops and cafes.  You would want to spend at least an hour and a half here – at the very least. If you are going to leave your bike make sure you chain it and actually chain the bike to the bike stand, this can be done easily at the end of the bike stand.  Just chaining the wheel you may return to find all that is left is the wheel and the rest of the bike has been taken.

If you have biked over the bridge you need to be sure you make the last ferry of the day.  This is an experience in itself as I have never seen so many people with bikes get on a ferry.  All the bikes are stacked in the middle and yes as I left my bike in the pile I had a moment of fear that I would never find it again.  Take note of the bike number and an approximately location in the pile, ie. near a post, sign or mark.  It is pretty unbelievable but all these people with all these bikes do actually get off in some sort of order with the correct bike once back on the wharf in San Fran.





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