Manta Ray Night Snorkel

Having hardly snorkeled before this was going to be interesting but we sure weren’t going to miss the opportunity while we were on Kona.

Departure was from Keauhou Bay which was only a 5 minute walk from our hotel the Sheraton Kona Resort.  On arrival we were given our wetsuit to slip on over our swim wear.  It wasn’t long and we were boarding the Hula Kai for a short trip out to the bay, which was just off the rocks from our hotel.  It was pretty exciting to be on this side rather than as the night before we had sat at our hotel bar watching all of the boats gather.

Once the boat anchored we were given our snorkeling gear and were down the steps into the ocean.  I hadn’t expected  the water to be as warm or as blue, it was perfect.  With noodle in hand we headed for the main float.  Each person had a position to hold and the noodle was placed at our feet to help keep us horizontal.  This was to keep our feet from hanging in the path of the Manta Rays.  Bright lights are set up underwater to  attract plankton for the Mantas to feed on.

As soon as we arrived at the float a magnificent Manta Ray came swimming down the middle of the float feeding inches away from us.  For over an hour we watched as fish and Manta Rays swam past.  Some of these beautiful creatures had a wingspan of about 15 feet.

Sadly it had come time to say goodbye and  return to the Hula Kia.  The sun had set and it had become rather chilly so it was a quick change in to dry clothes and a nice warm bowl of soup and cup of hot chocolate aboard as we returned to shore.

What to take: Beach towel, swim suit, warm clothing and camera.

We highly recommend the Manta Ray Night Snorkel, a big thank you to Fair-wind. for a magical night on the water.




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