The Statue of Liberty

To get to this beautiful lady from the Manhattan area take the subway from Penn Station to Battery Park. It’s a must to book tickets in advance especially if you want access to the crown and make the tour as early in the day as possible.  The tour is all self guided so you can take your time and choose your return time, leaving enough time to stop at Ellis Island.  My advice is if you are going to visit the statue then the crown is a must. Please take note of what you can take onto the island, – backpacks, strollers etc are not allowed on the island.

After clearing airport like security its on to the ferry and across to Liberty Island.  It was pretty awe-inspiring and as always my camera was at the ready.  Once on the island first order of business is to use the restroom before making the long climb to the crown.  We decided to head to the pedestal first to check out the view and then on to the crown.

A certain amount of fitness is required to make the 186 stairs from the pedestal to the crown, in total 377.  The staircase is narrow and spiral and even with a pretty good fitness level I was beginning to doubt whether this had been a great idea.  Reaching the top, finally, it was definitely worth it.  Make sure you have a camera on hand with a wrist strap, as if you are lucky like us, the very friendly security officer allowed us to put our head out one window of the crown and the camera out the next window and take a photo of us looking out the window.  Pretty cool.


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